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Apple IPad a gimmick or a business tool?

In Apple IPad, Applie IPhone, Just for Fun on September 9, 2010 at 8:43 pm

I love technology and as soon as I knew the IPad was coming out I wanted one.  The odd thing was, I never bothered to find out the actual date it was coming out.  Even back then I could not workout what I wanted one for.  I have an IPhone and every time I looked at the IPad to me it looked like a large phone.  So I think I must have put the IPad to the back of my mind.  My Friend Janine contacted me a few weeks before the launch to let me know that she had pre-ordered hers, she was so excited about it.  Still I had this nagging in my head that I had to have one but still could not justify it and put it to the back of my mind once more.

A couple of weeks later my wife came home and casually mentioned to me that the IPad was released.  From that moment I had to have one.  I knew that I would torment myself until I had brought one.  But I had a stumbling block…..  The wife.  We had only been married a month and to be honest I had no idea how she would be about such a large and seemingly pointless purchase.  She was great and asked how it would be used as part of my business.  I had no real idea but thought it could be used with demonstrations of websites I work on as well as emailing.  To be honest even I knew I had no real use for it but I wanted one.  My wife left for work and less then 15 minutes later I was hot on my heels to the Apple Store.  Once there the sales guy asked if I wanted a demo.  Obviously I said no and left 10 minutes later with my new 16gb IPad with 3G.

Later on that evening when I got it home I had a little play with it but instantly the better half had hold of it and was surfing the web.  She had some work stuff to sort out and rather than fire up the laptop she used the IPad.  To be honest for a week or so afterwards it just sat on the coffee table unused and unloved.  Then after a while we started to use it to look things up that we had seen on the TV.  We both like reading books and we started to download Ibooks.  We then set about uploading our wedding album onto the IPad and then took it around to the family so they could see the photos.  Then we progressed onto games that would could both play together, we got quite competitive about playing draughts of all things!  So all in all we can both agree its a great toy to have on the coffee table.  We even took it on holiday with us and found it useful when looking up places to go.  The thing is we could have done most of what we do with the IPad on the IPhone but the IPad makes it so much easier.  Even my wife admits its one of the best things we have bought since we got married.

So what about the IPad in business?  You know what, I really don’t know.  I have used it twice when out and replied to emails and read a few documents, but thats as far as it goes.  I have installed a remote desktop connection to my home PC and to my web servers and am convinced it will be useful one day.  My friend came in today and tried to make me agree that the IPad is not a business tool but and just a gimmick.  It struck me that I still could not agree to that. 

So what do you think?  Are you still trying to convince yourself that its not just a toy or is their a real business need for the IPad?


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