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Recursive function links Lightswitch and IPad with an @parameter

In Apple IPad, Technology on September 12, 2010 at 1:57 pm

So here we are at week number 2 in the land of blog!  I thought blogging would be a drag but I am quite enjoying it.  Hopefully others are finding it interesting too.  I am getting on average of 20 readers per day and have been told thats quite good.  So I would like to thank my mum for checking my blog at least 19 times a day for comments!  Here is the weekly roundup:

04/09 – First Look – Microsoft’s LightSwitch

Since my first look I have had a few comments in my email saying my review was not very constructive.  Not sure if this is true but you can be the judge of that.  I have been reading a few blog posts on Lightswitch and it seems to be an either love it or hate it product a bit like Marmite.  I will spend some more time over the coming weeks on evaluating Lightswitch and see if I can build an application and report back.  Some useful reviews can be found at http://www.lightswitch.be

05/09 – ASP.NET 301 Redirect simple really

I have used the 301 again since writing this article.  I had a website that needed to be separated into two.  It was a online shop www.foodshack.co.uk and the Halal meat products had to be redirected to www.halal-meat-online.  A quick check against the database to see if the product was Halal when the page loaded was all that was needed to trigger the 301 to the new website!

06/09 – When only an @parameter will do! (Part 2 of 2)

I have helped a few people with parameters since this article.. However I think this article might be worth a re-visit sometime soon.  I am still changing my sql to parameters everywhere I come across them and in some systems its quite a big job.  But you know what they say if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly.

07/09 – SEO and Link Building – The Dilema

Well I am pleased to say that if you type Gallagher IT into google it now appears on the front page so not bad for two weeks online.  My next task is to get high rankings via keywords.  Hopefully my articles will start to help.  Any pounters would be much appreciated.

08/09 – The art of repeating yourself

The use of the recursive function is not a daily requirement.  The main reason for my article was to let people know that you can create a function that calls itself but highlighting the risks.  A collegue of mine still beieves his server has never been the same since I sent him some code that ran a function within a function with no means of escape.  I think that function should have been called mission impossible!

09/09 – Apple IPAD a gimmick or a business tool?

Still not really used my IPad for business but the IPad continies to be the top gadget in the house.  I even used mine to help me cook dinner yesterday.  Before you ask it did not sprout arms and legs and take over the chopping, but it was a very useful tool when searching for an alternative basic curry base. 


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