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The Juggler

In Just for Fun, Uncategorized on September 14, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Oh how I wish I could juggle!  Not that I would like to be in a circus, although sometimes I feel like I am.   It’s only Tuesday and I feel like I could do with tomorrow being Saturday.  Today has been one of those days where my plans flew out of the window.  I have a website to get finished for one of my clients that I need to have complete by 10am on Thursday.

So my day began trying to clear all of the small stuff off of my desk, only for new stuff to arrive.  Then people started to arrive for a little chat or some help with their work. I gathered my thoughts and carried on through the workload, only to receive an email about something I should have done but I hadn’t, not because I forgotten to do it, but I had not received the original email asking me to do the thing I hadn’t done.  I could see the closing straight at about 5 o’clock and thought only 3 more jobs and a blog to write.  But then the phone went with someone needing something done in a hurry.  Helped them out and the phone went with someone wanting some programming advice, only for the phone to go again with the original person needing more help.  In my job, everyone else thinks their work is more important than mine!

My wife came home to this stressed out wreck in the corner!  So I need juggling lessons or maybe I need to learn to say I am too busy.  Who knows but its been a long day!  Everyone thinks that working for yourself has its perks but I can’t find any.  The thing is, would I change my life and get a job?  No!  Why not?  Well, although it’s stressful, I like my job and the feeling of achievement with the ability to help others.  Now . . . where did I put those juggling balls?


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