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The Art of Blogging – What is it?

In Blog, Technology, Wordpress on October 21, 2010 at 8:19 pm
Sucessful Blogging

I am a new blogger and if I am honest I am still not sure if I understand it all totally. Like most people serious about blogging I did my research and to a degree, I still am. So why has it not worked for me yet?

I will agree with most people looking at this blog thinking that it is new and its going to take some time. However I originally started with a Blog Engine blog on my business website which you will find at www.gallagherit.co.uk. Every new article is read by about 10 people. However Blog Engine allows for serious spamming which makes it difficult to moderate. For now I have decided to keep them both going with more or less similar content to see which one is going to work out best.

I never realised it could be so hard to get readers. I mean everyone will find what I have to say useful right? Then I realised maybe not after all my content is quite specialist although I try to write an interesting story around what I am trying to explain, I suppose most people might not be interested in that!

I have read so many blogs on how to be a successful blogger and they all say the same thing. Here are the top 10 tips that I always come across:

1. Find a topic you enjoy and write about that

2. Content is king! Make sure you write interesting and accurate content.

3. Research and then research some more about blogging

4. Keep on Topic. (I find this difficult!)

5. Quality is key. Even if your blog post is a short one make sure it’s good. Don’t give in to bad spelling and grammar.

6. Keep to the schedule. If you say your going to write blog every day then write one every day! You readers will expect this.

7. Make sure the design of your blog is easy to read and navigate. If your blog is in bright pink remember most men will turn away!

8. Readers might be few and far between at the start – Give your blog time to mature like a good wine.

9. Dont just write your blog for search engine results.

10. Make sure you enjoy blogging. It can be fun and rewarding so make sure you keep it that way!

I suppose now I am in the waiting game. Waiting is the one thing none of us humans are good at. I am a keen gardener and when growing veg I cant help but have a sneak peak and pull up carrots to see if they are growing. But as my wife keeps on telling me that waiting and playing the long game will reap its rewards.

The way I look at it is now I might be writing lots of articles that nobody reads but like my garden my audience will grow with a bit of care and attention.

Do you have patience or are you ready to throw in the towel too soon?

  1. I agree that is very good advice, and after 4 months of blogging I also have to say that I still find it very hard to do some of those things. Keeping on topic probably comes at the head of the list though.

    Some good advice I’ve gotten from other bloggers regarding readership is: comments, you must comment on other blogs related to your field for them to return the favour. And not just one-liners, those will probably get deleted. Real thoughtful comments relevant to the topic will be greatly appreciated. Blogging is a community-related form of writing, a thinking-persons space. If you want to be respected in the blogging field, then it’s always good to make sure to make a good impression. Plus, leaving a comment is like leaving a footprint for potential readers to come and visit your own blog too.

    When I first started off I did a hell of a lot of comment posts trying to get to know other fellow bloggers. I don’t know what it’s like for IT related blogs, but book bloggers are generally a chatty, friendly bunch. We like to discuss things, we learn from each other and we frequently refer to each other’s blogs either by mentioning them in our posts or by leaving the ‘formal blogging handshake’ of a pingback.

    Here at wordpress we are lucky that a simple url link in a post literally counts as an automatic pingback. I get all fuzzy and warm when I visit my stats page and see someone has taken the time to read my thoughts and decided it was worthy enough to blog about it.

    I’m not great at networking, but blogging can teach you how to make valuable friends on the internet who are interested in the field you post. Blog rolls are also a mutual way to help each other on the ‘net.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I Hope you start to get readers before too long. Patience!

    • Hi mywordlyobsessions

      Thank you for your comments as when anyone comments I have a lot more to think about!

      My big issue about staying on topic is a bit difficult because of my topic. My confusion is what is my topic? Ok so I am an IT consultant and that is here the issue starts! Do I try and keep my blog about programming. networking, search engine optimisation or even hardware related? So I have just decided to keep it general for now and see what works best. I will always try and tell an amusing story around what I am posting about to keep the reader interested. I will also attempt to alternate technical posts with informative ones. Hopefully people will come back for the type that suits them best.

      Today I been brave enough to start to comment on other peoples blogs. I worry because my lack of punctuation and grammar can be an issue. At the moment I get the current Mrs G to check my posts which I am not sure she likes doing much! I blame my lack of education and love for computers and programing which made learning anything about the English language pointless. Well until now anyway!

      I am looking forward to feeling appreciated as a blogger and getting over the 20 readers a day mark. Something tells me this could be a slow process as I get around 10 at the moment.

      But as they say from every acorn grows an oak…. Patience is the answer!

  2. That’s the spirit! As for the comment thingy, why don’t you type it into Word, have it spell-checked, then paste it? Oh, and it’s not that big a deal if you have a few mistakes here and there in comments. God knows I’ve made a few and I’m an English grad!

    As my art teacher used to say: “Right or wrong, make it strong!” Never knew what the hell that meant but I liked the stoicism of it!

    • Thank you for your comments it is positive thinking that will keep my blog going and successful! My only thing now is I want to write hundreds of blogs a day! But as they say slow and steady!

  3. I think in the end, we bloggers keep going because we enjoy our craft. I can tell you from experience that WordPress is the way to go. I get much more traffic on my WordPress blogs than my Others. Keep at your IT posts. You sound knowledgeable and clear. I think as people discover you, they’ll stick with you. Me, I attract my readers by giving everything away for free on my blog that I sell on Scribd! Doesn’t sound well thought out, but I can’t stop myself.

    • Thank you for your comments. I have only been posting on wordpress for a short time but I can already see the benefits of wordpress over my BlogEngine blog. I am unsure if people will keep coming back but, I find blogging one of the first creative crafts I enjoy. I can write systems but blogging seems to be one of my new passions and long may it continue.

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