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Top 10 Reasons to pull your hair out at work

In Just for Fun, Technology on October 23, 2010 at 9:21 am

As a software consultant I get pleasure of working with other peoples handy work.  Generally in most consultancy jobs I can spot good and bad bits and so I decided to list of top 10 gripes.  Whilst putting this list together I realised that this list could apply to any job.  Also if you are a client of mine this is not personal to you its just been one of those days! 

  1. The client calls you with a very complicated programming problem and then expects to you explain how to resolve it over the phone
  2. After explaining it to them over the phone you realise it would have been quicker and a lot less stress to drive to their site in Newcastle to do it yourself
  3. Your drive there and fix the problem in 1 1/2  hours and realising there is not a days work to do and the client expects not to pay for your time
  4. You arrive on site to fix an issue and after a 3 hour drive you find if they spelt correctly it would have probably worked for them too
  5. You arrive to take a look at an error in their code and try to fix it only to waste at least 3 hours before realising that if you had started again you would be in a pub somewhere by now
  6. They think a weeks work can be done in a day don’t but dont really want to pay a days money either
  7. No matter how many times you tell the customer that you dont program in clingon the customer still expects you to take a look
  8. Someone buys a ready made solution and thinks you can understand it and change it with a 30 second look at the programming when it would be easier and cheaper to start again
  9. The client believes that if you are not working on their site then the chances are your not working for them at all.  Ok so sometimes you do go and do something else but generally you work harder without the distractions
  10. The client changes their requirement at the last minute and you have to more or less start from scratch before the 2hr deadline is upon you

So there are my top 10 I am sure most of you can add to that!  Feel free to leave your comments on your bad day in the office.

  1. It’s the story of your life isn’t it? No. 10, that sounds familiar. I wonder where from? *smirks* That and them expecting you to do a hundred other things beside the thing you are expected to do.

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