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Customer satisfaction: Is it easy to obtain?

In Customer Service on November 3, 2010 at 10:36 pm

If you work for a company or are self-employed, customer satisfaction is a must, especially in the current economic climate. But on the flip side it’s also difficult to achieve with people wanting more for less.

I am self-employed, I really do not have anyone else to blame if a customer is not happy with a service or a product I have sold them. But how can I gauge if a customer is really happy?

For my business it is even more difficult, the main problem for me is that unless the service I give them is monthly, I may never know if they are satisfied. If I build a system, get it through testing and then finally take it live, my first inclination that they may be happy is when they pay my bill!

However unless anything goes wrong or they find a bug in a system, I may not hear from them until they need a change to their system or service. So instead of just waiting I send an email or give them a call every couple of months just making sure everything is going ok. I also make sure that I don’t try to sell them anything during this call. What I have noticed by doing this is that the customer then feels like I care. Which if I am honest I do. My ethos is that if the customer is spending £100 or £10,000 per year they still get the same service.

I have been running my business now for over 8 years and have never needed to advertise. All of my work has been from recommendation and then repeat business. This will not stop me from giving 100% at all times.

The reason for this post was quite a simple comment from one of my regular customers. I have had my share of highs and lows with them in the past, but working for them provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet my lovely wife. Today they managed to put a smile on my face once again, with a compliment I am not even sure they meant to give. The comment was “I have seen lots of websites that look really professional and I have thought ‘I want one of those’, and now we have one!

So today I am sure that at least one of my customers is satisfied. isn’t it amazing how simple things make your day?

  1. You sound like a good businessman. The follow-up is a great and proven approach. I agree. My first step is always service, responding quickly to questions even if they’re complaints. Second, I give stuff away which I get a lot of disagreement on from others. Me, it fits my philosophy. Others, maybe not.

    • I do try hard to keep my customers happy I am not sure I always achieve it! I am only one man and I have lots of customers where I am sure my customers think it works the other way around!

      I am not really sure what I could give away in my line of work….

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