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Feeling Guilty on a Sunday!

In Just for Fun on November 7, 2010 at 6:22 pm

It’s 5:40pm on a Sunday and I have been feeling guilty all day.  Before you wonder, I have not upset the wife, spent all day on the sofa watching sport or even spent all day reading the papers and then dozing on the sofa.  In fact since  getting up after my wife brought a cup of tea to bed,  I have been quite busy.  My day eventually started by making bacon sandwiches and then cleaning up the large amount of mess from making said bacon sandwiches.  I also went shopping for the ingredients for dinner tonight, and finally started to cook dinner.  Later I will have to clean up the war zone of a kitchen!  Oh and dinner is a curry which  is bubbling away quite nicely, just in case you are interested!

So after all of that why do I feel guilty?  Well I have had a busy working week and did not manage to get through all of my work.  I promised myself I would do what had to be done today so I could start afresh tomorrow.  It’s odd because no matter how much I try to rationalise the fact that I deserve time off like everyone else, I still feel guilty.  I suppose it can be hard, working for yourself and finding a good balance.

Before I met and eventually married the current Mrs G, I would pretend to work all of the hours I could,  just to keep myself occupied.  However looking back on those times I realise they were less productive, as I would spend most of my time surfing the internet or playing poker on Facebook.  I was working weekends because my life was unstructured.  I work best under pressure, and not doing much during the week was doing just that!

Now I know I have to put 100% into my day as I want to spend the evenings and weekend with the wife.  This has had a very positive effect on my business and my working life.  My customers are a lot happier and are receiving the service they deserve.  As a result I am getting more work and positive feedback.

In conclusion, I will go finish off cooking dinner, get ready for mindless Sunday night TV and banish any thoughts of guilt from my mind.  If I ever feel guilty again on a Sunday, or a Saturday for that matter, I will force myself to read this post again!

  1. Too true – after working all week with computers, sitting on one at the weekend is very unappealing . . . but guilt sets in. Next time it does, we’ll all be reading your blog haha!

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